10 teas you should try in 2021

We know how much tea lovers enjoy discovering new tastes and flavours for the first time. It can be a genuinely exciting experience to explore new types of teas that you wouldn’t normally drink.

For some, they may have made it their new year's resolution to expand their tea collections sitting in their cupboards.

In this blog we have curated a list of interesting 10 teas that you should try during this year. Some of these teas might be flavours that are completely new to you, or they may be some that you’ve heard of before but haven’t got around to trying yet. Checking out some of these teas you might discover a new favourite flavour.

New teas you should try this year

Boujee Blueberry

First up in our list of delicious brews is our Boujee Blueberry fruit tea blend. This refreshingly healthy loose leaf tea has a blueberry taste mixed with a jammy Pai Mu Tan white tea flavour. This can either be prepared as a hot drink or as a refreshing iced tea.

Yer Brew’s Mashin’

If you’re a fan of the traditional taste of English Breakfast tea, then the next thing that you should try is a black breakfast tea with a northern twist. Yer Brew’s Mashin’ might sound gibberish to some, but to us this phrase is a guarantee of a full bodied with a strong flavour.

Earl Green

If you're a lover of healthy green tea or an elegant earl grey, and you’re looking for something that blends the two together then look no further than our Earl Green loose leaf tea blend. A gunpowder green tea blended with cornflower petals and sweet bergamot, a hot cup of earl green is the perfect way to relax in the evening.

Kyoto Cherry

Take a stroll through the streets of Japan during the picturesque cherry blossom season. Our Kyoto Cherry blend consists of smooth Sencha Green tea mixed with natural cherry flavours and rose petals to encapsulate the taste of springtime Japan.

5 Yea Aged Raw Pu’erh

If you’re looking for something truly unique, you should look at trying a Pu’erh tea. This fantastic brew is a type of tea from Yunnan Province, China where the leaves have been aged and fermented to give them a rich flavour.

Our Raw Pu’erh has been aged for 5 years to give it a full-bodied dark and earthy flavour and definitely a great choice for tea lovers looking for unique and exotic flavours.

Raspberry Lemonade

Perfectly enjoyable as either a toasty hot or an iced cold brew, our Raspberry Lemonade loose leaf blend is made with dried lemon peels, raspberry pieces, cornflower petals and natural flavours. The sweet citrus flavours combined with the fruity raspberry notes make for a brew that is both very refreshing and caffeine free.

Honey Fruit Fennel

If you’re looking to get into fruit and herb teas, our Honey Fruit Fennel blend is the perfect place to start. Made with fennel herbs and dried honeyfruit pieces, all you need to do is simply leave to brew for 3-4 minutes and then enjoy a perfectly sweet and herby tea.

Cookie Dough Fruit & Nut

We love the distinct taste of a nutty and cookie dough tea. Our Cookie Dough Fruit & Nut blend is a fruit & herb loose leaf tea that features full bodied flavour of both hazelnut and almond. This is one of our more versatile tea blends. It can be prepared as either a hot or iced brew, or prepared with hot frothed milk to make a deliciously creamy lattea.

Mardy Tum

Our Mardy Tum blend is one of our favourites from our caffeine free wellness tea range and a go to when in need of a healthy brew to detox. Made with a blend of all those great herbs and spices such as peppermint, cinnamon, ginger and licorice, a steaming hot brew of Mardy Tum is a sure fire way to calm an upset stomach or to relax in the evening.

Ruby Amaretto

This one is a much loved favourite of ours from our loose leaf rooibos tea range. The tea leaves are infused with a sweet amaretto flavour that perfectly compliments the classic full bodied rooibos flavour. Ruby Amaretto is a caffeine free that can be enjoyed iced, hot or with frothed milk. 

Handily, if you’re looking to try out some new flavours we sell small 2 cup sample packs of each of our amazing loose leaf teas. Each sample sachet lets you try out lots of different flavours without committing to buying a whole pouch. Browse our full loose leaf tea range and discover you new favourite brew.