New Quirky Coffee Flavours You Should Try

Many people drink coffee for many different reasons, some use it as a pick-me-up for when they're tired, some prefer to just have a nice hot drink but there are some who enjoy the nice rich flavour that coffee has to offer. However, it can get tiresome overtime to be drinking the same flavours over and over again and it might be time to switch things up.

Every coffee drinker loves discovering new flavours whether that's trying a new flavours with your coffee or just simply discovering new coffees grown in different regions throughout the world that are all known for their iconic and distinct brews.

Our customers are constantly looking to broaden their Horizons when it comes to their coffee and we know that you might too. That's why we put together this list of quirky coffee flavours you should definitely try. These flavours are ideal for whether you're a coffee battering or if you're someone who's new to coughing and you're looking to broaden your horizons.

Daterra Bourbon Espresso

Espresso coffee is known for its short intense sharp flavours that tend to give drinkers a small cafe rush whenever they drink their favourite espresso. However, if you're looking to get a little bit more flavour from your espresso you might want to consider our Daterra Bourbon coffee blend

Our Daterra Bourbon coffee blend originates from the Daterra coffee estates in Cerrado, Brazil. Brazil is known for its rich roasted coffee and distinctly flavoured coffee beans and is one of the biggest producers of coffee in the world. Daterra Bourbon is a dark Italian roast coffee blend with notes of chocolates, fruit spice and caramel making it the perfect way to spice up your morning espresso.

Two Mountains

Our Two Mountains coffee blend is one of our favourite unique combinations of coffees. It's made from a post roast blend that is made of a blend of coffee beans that are from Kenya or Colombia that are both grown at high altitudes and then combined together after medium roast. This coffee blend when brewed in a French press creates a rich smooth coffee brew with a slight nutty taste and is perfect for those who want to enjoy their brew with a more subtle flavour.

Costa Rica Honey Prep

Next on our list is one of our more unique coffee flavours that is definitely able to spark the curiosity of any coffee lover. Costa Rica Honey Prep is grown in the hot climates of South America by seasoned coffee farmers and made with a unique approach that is bound to get your taste buds tingling. 

This coffee blend is made using a process known as honey preparation. The process of honey preparation is carried out during the drying out stage of preparing the coffee beans. While the beans are placed on parchment to dry out in the sun the majority of the coffee cherry which the beans are derived from is left on the parchment. This infuses the coffee beans with a fruity flavour that tastes like apricots.

Our Costa Rica Honey Prep coffee blend is then roasted to a medium level which gives a more chocolatey note this coffee is best enjoyed when brewed for 3 to 4 minutes in a French press.

Supreme Crema

For lovers of more barista style coffee, Supreme Crema roast blend is ideal for spicing up the coffee that you can make at home. Made with a blend of coffee beans from the famous coffee growing regions of Ethiopia, India and parts of South America, Supreme Crema is roasted to a medium dark level to give you a sweet brew with a smooth chocolatey aftertaste.

Supreme Crema can be enjoyed in a variety of different ways; it can be made in a French press or as an espresso shot. However, Supreme Crema is best enjoyed when it is served as an espresso. Simply allow for a mid 20 second extraction and then add to a cup of warmed hot craft milk or cream to make the perfect cappuccino or latte macchiato.  

Winter Delight Blend

One of our favourite unique and quirky coffee flavours that we would recommend at least once is our Winter Delight Blend. This coffee is best enjoyed on a cold winter's morning when the perfect pick me up you need is a warm strong and Rich coffee.

Winter Delight is made up of a top secret blend of medium and dark roast coffee beans from different regions. Prepare this coffee blind for 3 to 4 minutes in a French press to create a silky smooth. The rich and pungent coffee is guaranteed to energise you on a cold winter's morning. Winter Delight can also be enjoyed as a good espresso if you need a quick sharp pick me up in a hurry.

Discover new interesting and quirky coffee flavours

As coffee lovers ourselves it is impossible to name all of the unique coffee flavours that we have fallen in love with on this list. We have sourced and crafted a huge range of coffee blends from nations of a rich coffee growing heritage from around the world including India, Kenya, Brazil and Costa Rica that are just waiting to be discovered by you as your next favourite coffee flavour.

Browse our full range of unique and quirky coffee flavours that almost any coffee lover can enjoy. Our coffee blends are available as pouches of coffee beans if you like to grind them up yourself or or available as grounds ready for a French press. All of our coffee is roasted fresh each week so give you the freshest and best flavours of coffee around.