Unlike your average tea bags that you might find in the supermarket, loose leaf teas can create an exceptional brew that lets you experience a range of unique flavours. 

No matter your preference, we have a range of delicious loose leaf teas in a wide variety of flavours and aromas. Choose from one of our carefully curated tea collection boxes, or pick a selection of your own loose leaf tea flavours.

We have unique teas and bends from the fun seasonal favourites like Gingerbread black tea to the relaxing herbal And Relax blend. If you prefer your cuppa with a splash of milk check out one of our many breakfast brews like Scottish Breakfast, Fancy Breakfast or the classic old school English Breakfast. 

Our loose leaf teas come in 65g pouches, or small sample pouches with enough tea to make 2 cups so you can discover your new favourite brew.

For top tea tips check our our brew guide on how we brew the perfect cuppa!

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