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Who's your cup of tea?


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Brewing should never be boring. Your brew should be quality, full of flavour and never boring. Yawn Brew is home of Tea Revv, Yawn Coffee, Mug cocoa 

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#33 Spiced Apple
  • From £1.00
#25 Watermelon Oolong
  • From £1.00
#67 Ruby Chaiii
  • From £1.00
#66 Pear Cinnabon
  • From £1.00
#31 Green Maple Syrup
  • From £1.00
Kenya Blue Coffee [Beans / Grind]
  • £6.50
#32 Lychee Green Tea
  • From £1.00
#51 Spiced Tulsi
  • From £1.00
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nailed it

This is why we do what we do

Bought the calendar as a present for my boyfriend- the delivery was a bit slow (definitely not TeaRevv‘s fault- I always have problems with Malaysian post), but the team handled the delay very nice and professionally! Thanks again!
P.S. The coffee is really really good and we love it! Definitely trying more :)



A big fan of advent calendars, this caught my eye immediately and I knew it would make a fantastic gift. Bought 8 of these for a few of my coffee loving friends. Such a great idea, I’m not a coffee drinker but this box made me consider becoming one! Haha

Christy Carter

I know we are only 5 days into December, but I am so enjoying my Yawn coffee advent calendar. So far loved each brew and really getting into trying the new taste each day. Well done. Brilliant idea and excellent product

Kathleen Tanti

Absolutely beautiful, the packaging and design are lovely and the tea tastes amazing! There are so many versatile flavours. It also arrived super quickly - thank you so much!


The Columbian - Excellent cup of coffee, strong and rich. A perfect way to start the day, or finish a good meal. Should be a pantry staple.


Brazilian Santos- This coffee was a delight – incredibly delicious, rich, smooth, and full of chocolate overtones. We could drink this all day.


These teas are delicious! There are so many different flavours, there's something in there for everyone. And while the packets claim to only be enough for 2 cups, I've noticed that I can get many of them to last me 3-4 mugs. Cute packaging and ships even to Australia!

Jasmin Bonilla

Tea arrived super quick and carefully packed. The little samplers were very much appreciated, thank you!


Packaged so nicely, without a wasteful amount of stuffing. The actual product is so convenient and simple to use. Plus, the samples included are delicious. Sugar plum, in particular, was lovely. Will order some loose tea at some point too.