Oolong Brew Guide

The Oolong process | Tea is withered, the leaves are lightly bruised by shaking or rattling until the correct oxidation level has been reached. Depending on the tea, the leaves are oxidised 20-70%.

Oriental Beauty Oolong
2-3 minutes
Without milk
*Allows up to 3 infusions
Interesting fact - This world renowned oolong is created thanks to an infestation of insects each summer. The insects stress the plant, helping to create its unique complex flavour.

Tai Kuan Yin Oolong / Jade Oolongs
1.5-2 minutes.
Without milk
*Allows up the 3 infusions
Interesting fact - The origin surrounded by legend: Goddess of mercy ‘Guanyin’ guided a poor farmer to a solitary tea shoot.

Hunan Ruby Oolong
2-3 Minutes
Without Milk
*Allows at least 3 infusions

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