Standard Aeropress Brew Guide

Lighter : Fine grind coffee | 11g/200ml | 95 °c
Darker : Fine - medium grind | 13g/200ml | 85-95 °c
1. Place the filter paper into the holder and lock into the body of the brewer
2. Rinse the brewer and paper with some hot water and discard the water
3. Place the main part of the brewer on top of a mug/cup and place onto the scales
4. Boil the water and wait 15-20 seconds 

5. Add the coffee and then water to the aeropress

6. Stir the coffee and add the piston part of the Aeropress, make sure it is sealed in place

7. Leave to brew for around 1 minute

8. Remove the mug and brewer from the scales and slowly push down the plunger until all the liquid has left the body of the aeropress

9. Pull back the piston by around an inch to stop the brewer from dripping . Remove the holder and hold over the bin whilst pushing the plunger to empty out the used grounds.

10. Enjoy!

 This is what works for us, of course brewing is subjective and you can make your coffee however you like!