Environmental Policy

We’re not saying we are perfect or claiming to be experts on the topic of the environment, however we do think it’s important to do what we can. 


One Tree Planted

With your help we have planted over 1000 trees! On selected products each month for every one product sold $1 will be donated to One Tree Planted. Look out for the one tree planted logo!



Biodegradable Packaging

Where possible we minimize the amount of packaging, it is a fine line to just use enough packaging to protect items in transit and not to create excess wastage.  We pack with biodegradable pillows and bio packing peanuts that can be dissolved in water! They are made from natural, nontoxic sources, such as wheat and corn starch. They dissolve in water and can be thrown into compost piles after a single use!


We are always looking at how we can do better and this includes our impact on the environment. For 2021 we made the decision to cut down on packaging, we managed to reduce the size of the Advent Calendar width by 33%, reducing the amount of materials and wastage. The size decrease has actually increased our packaging time by nearly 50% as the sachets now need to be folded into the slots.


Sachets & Pouches 

Over the past few years we have tried multiple materials for our bags. We moved on from the plastic foil lined bags looking for a biodegradable solution! We sourced and used biodegradable bags for around a year, however the majority of biodegradable bags still take a long time to biodegrade and some require chemicals to help them break down. Some other compostable bags use natural materials that are grown in areas where deforestation has occurred to grow the crops. This doesn't solve any problems and at the moment we can't find the the bag which is 100% perfect! We have switched to a Low density polythene bag which is fully recyclable. These can be popped into your local carrier bag recycling point! Discard any coffee valves first from these bags before recycling.


How We Responsibly Source

Our coffees are not certified fair trade however we obviously believe it is very important to ethically source high quality products, scrutinise and check any suppliers whether that's direct farms, co-ops or importers. We do a lot of research before choosing any products to make sure the product is of a high quality and the companies are holding high social responsibility standards. A lot of our coffees are imported for us by an industry specialist in high quality coffees. They have been importing high quality coffee for nearly 50 years and were actually the first independent coffee importer in the sector to actively fight for a Fairtrade licence. We think they are a trustworthy company and they strive for a happy and sustainable coffee industry! We know they take the correct steps to ensure social responsibility and ethics are upheld in the supply chain. For example three of our coffees are from Daterra Brazil, they have a great ethos and we are proud to be roasting Daterra beans! You can take a look at their website here: http://www.daterracoffee.com.br/who-we-are/

New Tierra Madre Women's grown Coffee!

A new feature in the Coffee Pro Advent Calendar 2022 is the amazing Nicaragua Tierra Madre Women's grown Coffee. This coffee is grown in the high mountains of Jinotega where women only have 15% of land titles. Tierra Madre looks to improve this and provides extra premium for coffee grown by women members of the coop. A fantastic coffee with purpose!

New El Salvador RFA

A stand out coffee in the 2023 Coffee Advent Calendar is the El Salvador RFA. The beans are strictly high grown and the coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified. This entails upholding stringent criteria to safeguard the environment and uphold the rights of workers. This certification empowers farmers with a sustainable farm management system, cost control measures, enhanced efficiencies, elevated crop quality, and the preservation of natural habitats. In essence, this certification guarantees consumers that the coffee they enjoy, certified by the Rainforest Alliance, champions a sustainable supply chain, underscoring the significance of conscientious sourcing practices in the world of coffee.