Dark Roast Coffee

Dark roast coffee is known for its dark shiny beans with low acidity, strong body, and deep flavours. If you need a helping hand in the morning, a brew made using some dark roast coffee is the best way to wake yourself up in the morning and get enough energy to get your day off to a flying start.

While what counts as dark roast coffee can vary from person to person, the process of roasting the beans tends to bring out deeper, darker and caramelly flavours. When drinking darker roasts the characteristics of the coffee’s origin tend to be a lot less noticeable, but this doesn’t mean that you’re left with a bland brew or that it has lost all of its identity.

Each of our dark roast coffee blends is strong and full of flavour, why not browse our full range where you might discover your new favourite brew. 

Our Colombian Hippo is a very dark roast coffee made up of a blend of coffee beans from 100,000 different small farms throughout Colombia. Its dark, rich and strong characteristics is a favourite amongst our team of expert coffee lovers. If you’re looking for something a little lighter, Lava Java is a medium-dark roast that is grown during the rainy season on the tropical Malaysian island of Java. Enjoyable both with or without milk, Lava Java’s rich, earthy, and herbaceous flavours and notes are a great way to enjoy dark roast coffee.

Freshly dark roast coffee beans and ground coffee

We appreciate the best tasting brews and are on a mission to share them with our customers. Because of this, all of our coffee is prepared, roasted, and ground weekly to ensure that you can enjoy it.

All of our coffee is available as full beans for you to grind to your preference at home, or in pouches of ground coffee.

Browse our selection of dark roast coffee and discover your new favourite brew.

Colombian Hippo Coffee
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Lava Java
  • From £6.50
Daterra Sweet Yellow Coffee
  • From £7.00
Super Gäspa
  • From £6.50