Everyone loves a great cuppa! Two billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world everyday! A massive 25,000 cups of tea being consumed every second! We think supreme quality coffee or tea makes a pretty good gift! Send a cup of coffee now!

We have created a range of freshly roasted coffee gifts available in whole beans or  your choice of grind. Our selection packs offer a range of different coffees allowing you to taste, explore and learn about new coffees. Each sachet holds enough coffee for your preferred brewing method, French Press, Pour Over, V60, Aeropress, Chemex and Espresso. 

Our tea and hot chocolate gift selection boxes are perfect for kicking back and relaxing under a cozy blanket. This year we have a new 12 days of Christmas tea with 12 new seasonal blends! Our 12 Days of Hot Chocolate now has a pouch of vegan marshmallows to be enjoyed in each brew!

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12 Days Of Christmas Coffee
  • £18.00
12 Hot Chocolates of Christmas + Mashmallows
  • £15.00
12 Teas of Christmas
  • From £10.00
2021 Coffee Advent Calendar
  • From £35.00
Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar
  • £27.00
Christmas Blends Tea Advent Calendar
  • From £24.00
Breakfast Blends Tea Advent Calendar
  • From £24.00
Supreme Single Origin Tea Advent Calendar
  • From £28.00
Rooibos, Fruit & Herb Caffeine Free Tea Advent Calendar
  • From £24.00
Battle Of The Breakfast Tea Selection
  • From £16.00
Coffee Care Package
  • £10.00
I Like You A Latte, Coffee Gift Box
  • £9.00
You Mocha Me Crazy, Coffee Gift Box
  • £16.00
Coffees Of The World
  • £9.00
Cozy Tea Selection Woolly Jumper
  • From £16.00
Solo French Press | Matt Black
  • £18.00
Teas Of The World Gift Box
  • From £12.00
The Fine Teas Of The World Scratch Poster
  • From £10.00
Winter Survival Kit
  • From £8.00
You Are My Cup Of Cocoa
  • £12.00
You are my cup of Coffee, Gift Box
  • £9.00
You Are My Cup Of Tea, Breakfast Blends Tea Gift Box
  • From £15.00
You Are My Cup Of Tea, Caffeine Free Blends
  • From £8.00
You Are My Cup Of Tea, Cozy Blends Tea Selection
  • From £8.00