Tea Gift Packs

We have a whole range of different selections of teas that will suit the tastes of any tea lover, whether they prefer classic black tea, rooibos, or green tea. We even have special edition tea sets that are perfect for Christmas.

Both the Cozy Woolly Jumper and the smaller SOS Winter Survival Kit are perfect for the winter months when you find yourself curling up on your sofa under a blanket. Our winter tea gift packs and gift sets feature a wide selection of delicious flavours like Gingerbread, Vanilla Cinnabun and Ruby Amaretto.

If you’re looking for the definitive breakfast tea experience, we have put together an essential selection of breakfast tea in our Battle of the Breakfast gift pack. Wake up to the taste of a classic English Breakfast, or perhaps enjoy a nice relaxing cup of camomile.

If you're after something fancy, our single origin Teas of the World Gift Box is the perfect choice to sample some of the fine and rare teas of the world from India, Japan, China and Kenya!

Whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift, our tea selection boxes cater to the tastes of every tea lover. 

Not found the tea gift you’re looking for? We also have a range of interesting coffee gift sets and hot chocolate selections.

You Are My Cup Of Tea, Cozy Blends Tea Selection
  • From £8.00
Cozy Tea Selection Woolly Jumper
  • From £16.00
Winter Survival Kit Tea Selection
  • From £8.00
You Are My Cup Of Tea, Breakfast Blends Tea Gift Box
  • From £15.00
Battle Of The Breakfast Tea Selection
  • From £16.00
Teas Of The World Gift Box
  • From £12.00
The Fine Teas Of The World Scratch Poster
  • From £10.00
You Are My Cup Of Tea, Caffeine Free Blends
  • From £8.00
Christmas Blends Tea Advent Calendar
  • From £24.00
Supreme Single Origin Tea Advent Calendar
  • From £28.00

Sold out

Breakfast Blends Tea Advent Calendar
  • From £24.00
Rooibos, Fruit & Herb Caffeine Free Tea Advent Calendar
  • From £24.00