Coffee Gift Packs & Gift Sets

Whether you’re buying coffee as a gift for someone else or for yourself, we have a range of expertly curated coffee selections that are perfect for every coffee lover’s taste. Our fresh coffee gifts and coffee advent calendars are the perfect gift for Christmas, or an ideal treat yourself if you’re a lover of coffee.

Our popular Coffee Advent Calendar the opportunity to experience 24 different high quality coffees every day in the run up to Christmas, the perfect coffee gift experience. For 2021 we have a new 12 Days Of Christmas Coffee containing the supreme Costa Rica Honey Prep to the dark roast Brazilian Daterra Bourbon and lighter roast Ethiopian  Yirgacheffe! Browse our range of gifts perfect for secret santa, stocking fillers, birthdays or any occasion if someone mad for coffee!


The coffee in our gifts is packaged fresh and each sachet contains 18g of your choice of freshly roasted ground coffee or whole beans. All information for each days coffee can be found on the back of the box! We offer our preferred brewing method for each day but of course brewing is subjective and you can brew Pourover / V60, Chemex, French Press/ Cafetière, Aeropress, Espresso, Moka Pot or however you see fit!

We also have a range of tea gift sets and hot chocolate advent calendars available.

Coffee Care Pack Club
  • £12.34
£1 Coffee Club
  • £1.11
Say It With Coffee Selection (3 Pouches)
  • £12.99
Coffee Pick 'n Mix
  • £6.00


Coffee Care Package
  • £10.00
  • £8.00
You are my cup of Coffee, Gift Box
  • £7.99
You Mocha Me Crazy, Coffee Gift Box
  • £12.00
I Like You A Latte, Coffee Gift Box
  • £7.99
Coffees Of The World
  • £7.99
Favourite Human Bean Card
  • £1.00

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2021 Coffee Advent Calendar
  • From £35.00

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12 Days Of Christmas Calendar 25th-5th
  • £29.99

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Ho Ho Ho Coffee Selection (3 Pouches)
  • From £10.00

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12 Days Of Christmas Coffee
  • From £15.00