Coffee Advent Calendar

The Perfect Advent Calendar to Countdown to Christmas for Coffee Lovers

New and improved for the 2021 Christmas season. As seen on ITV This Morning’s  ‘Alternative Advent Guide’! The 24 speciality coffees from around the world have been carefully selected to create the ultimate coffee experience. Whether you or a loved one appreciates the taste of a freshly brewed coffee, our 2021 coffee advent calendars are the perfect for any coffee lover. 

There are 24 different luxurious coffees every day in the lead up to Christmas, making it the perfect early Christmas gift for coffee lovers.

New for 2021

This year we have searched hard for some exceptional new coffees, nearly half of the coffees are new! Our aim was to find coffees which added something special and different to the line up. We think we have found some pretty amazing coffees and we now have our first coffees from El Salvador, Guatemala and Myanmar! 

Behind each door in our advent calendars are sachets 24 unique and delicious coffees with different flavour profiles, giving you a new brilliant coffee taste everyday leading up to Christmas. The coffees can create an amazing coffee experience no matter what your preferred brewing method is. 

Each sachet contains 18g of your choice of freshly roasted ground coffee or whole beans. All information for each days coffee can be found on the back of the box! We have also included a rating guide on the side of the box. We offer our preferred brewing method for each day but of course brewing is subjective and you can brew Pourover / V60, Chemex, French Press/ Cafetière, Aeropress, Espresso, Moka Pot or however you see fit!

2021 Coffee

One of our favourite new additions is the juicy and delicious medium roast Peru Tapir Andino, a red honey preparation coffee with flavours of tropical fruit, blackberry and candy floss (87 cupping score) we like to brew this using Pour Over. Roast profiles this year: 4 light roasts, 14 medium roasts, 6 darker roasts. Some of the coffees included: Daterra Monte Cristo, Café Granja La Esperanza Estate, Las Palomas Honey, Kenya Blue, Bakewell Pud, Myanmar Shwe Ywar Ngan, El Salvador Finca El Ingenio, Daterra Bourbon, Yirgacheffe, Colombian Hippo, Winter Delight, Santa Spice, Costa Rica Tarrazu, Guatemala Genuine Antigua


If our coffee advent calendars don’t take your fancy, why not take a look at our range of tea advent calendars or hot chocolate advent calendars.

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