Obviously taste testing hot chocolate is a real chore, but we pushed on and carried out extensive critical research. We found some surprising results, you don't need to use cows milk to create a delicious Hot Chocolate! Hazelnut milk being a stand out for me! 

Cow’s Milk | This milk does pair well with Chocolate and enhances the flavours for a creamy hot chocolate. 

Hazelnut | This plant based milk has a rich creamy texture and is one of our favourites to use as it compliments the cocoa flavour perfectly. For us this took the top spot.

Cashew | If you're looking for the ultimate thick and creamy hot chocolate then this plant based milk is a great choice.

Oat | A less creamy choice of milk and will add slight sweetness to the chocolate. Oat milk does work well and does not detract from the chocolate flavours.

Almond | This milk can add a nutty flavour and is slightly less creamy than most plant based milks, perfect if you don't want your hot chocolate too creamy.

Coconut milk | This milk creates a creamy sweeter hot chocolate, this can add a slight taste of coconut.

Soya | This milk is a very common plant based milk. This milk creates a slightly sweeter hot chocolate and you can taste the subtle flavour of the milk. 

Water | Can be used instead of milk however the results are less desirable. Water does not enhance the flavours of the chocolate and you can get slight separation from the melted chocolate flakes.

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Our hot chocolate doesn't contain any dairy or animal products, if you use a plant based milk the brew will be Vegan!