Meet Yawn

Yawn was started by Hannah & Joe and a passion for all things tea and coffee! We believe tea should be loose leaf and coffee should be craft, why settle for less! We are a direct to customer brand who designs and packs all our products here in the U.K.
How We Started
Joe has been selling tea and coffee since 2011 when he opened a gift shop in Bakewell, Derbyshire at the age of 18. After taking part in tasting master classes and tea education courses, Joe created his own brand. After five or so years of stumbling through the business world, Joe sold his shop in 2017 to purely focus on Yawn. With the help of Hannah joining in 2019 and the rest of the Yawn Team we have grown from strength to strength and have seen our products shipped all around the world.

Our Tea

We want people to bin boring dusty teabags. The tea bag brew has become second nature, along the way flavour and quality has faded away in the dust. Our tea is proper quality loose leaf tea, full of flavour and variety, worlds away from any teabag brew. 



Our Coffee 

Yawn Coffee was born with the aim to create an amazing variety of high quality speciality coffees that can be enjoyed at home. We responsibly source specially selected beans which originate from India, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Kenya, Java, Papua New Guinea, Sumatra, & Brazil. We have partnered with local experts and lovingly roasted the far travelled beans just 20 minutes from YAWN HQ. Our coffee is fresh, which is why orders for coffee have a lead time of a few days.