Have you got a friend or family member that loves coffee but you are unsure which coffee to buy? This guide is to help you choose the perfect gift!

First of all - you need to know their preferred brewing method, this will help in deciding what grind they need for the perfect cup of brewed coffee. Alternatively if you're not sure which brewing method they use but know they have the ability to grind beans themselves, always choose beans, this way the coffee stays fresher for longer and therefore creates a more aromatic and rich brew -  they will be most of all appreciative!

Brewing Methods and which grind:

So the ability to grind beans = Beans  

French Press/Cafetiére = Coarse Grind     

Chemex & V60 = Medium Grind    

Moka & Aeropress = Medium - Fine Grind    

Espresso Machine = Fine Grind   

Another helpful question to ask is do they like a particular Roast? If you are unsure, we would always recommend buying a Medium Roast to play it safe. 

We offer a great selection of gifts where there are multiple coffees to try, so as long as you know which grind to buy, they have different roasts and flavours. Visit our coffee gift shop here.

Our advent calendar makes the perfect gift, it has 24 different coffees ranging from light - very dark roasts. Each 18g sachet contains enough coffee for a double shot. We even have a rating chart on the side of the calendar so the gift receiver can rate each coffee to find out which roast/flavour is their favourite! View our advent calendar here.

Another great gift idea is our coffee subscription club. They get to try different fresh coffees each month for the price of £11.11 per month. Each pouch has 180g of coffee, enough coffee in total for 30 double espressos!  You can buy 3, 6 or 12 month subscription plans.