So what makes the best Coffee Advent Calendar you can buy?

Well, it sort of depends what type of coffee you like and how you like to brew! We think our 2022 Coffee Advent Calendar comes pretty close.

We have two different coffee line ups, featuring different roasts and different origins so you can pick which coffee you prefer in your cup!

You can also buy your coffee as whole beans or ground beans to suit Cafetière, French Press, V60, Chemex, Drip, Aeropress, Mokapot, and Espresso.

Yawn Coffee advent calendars

Coffee Advent Pro Calendar

Personally I think we have sleighed it 🛷 with the line up in our coffee advent calendar pro!

Stand out coffees for me are the Rwanda Cocatu produced by the Cocatu washing station, coffee within the catchment is picked and transported to the washing station by 4pm the same day to start its initial washing cleaning. Notes of blackcurrant, chocolate and sugar cane scoring 87-88 cupping score.

Another is Nicaragua Tierra Madre Women's grown Coffee. This coffee is grown in the high mountains of Jinotega where women only have 15% of land titles.

Tierra Madre looks to improve this and provides extra premium for coffee grown by women members of the coop. A high quality coffee with notes of berries and fruits.

Other personal favourites of mine in the line up are Kenya Gakuyu, Guatemala Todosantarita, Nicaragua Santa Maria Honey, Ethiopia Sweet Berry.


Best Coffee Advent Calendars


The coffee advent pro contains 22 single origin coffees and 2 blends responsibly sourced from Colombia, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Mexico, Rwanda, Kenya, Guatemala, Brazil, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Papua New Guinea, India, and Sumatra.


The line up! Look away for no spoilers...

Granja La Esperanze, Myanmar, Yellow Daterra, Rwanda Cocatu AA, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Kenya Blue, Nicaragua Santa Maria Honey Process, Costa Rica Tarrazu, Bakewell Pud Blend, Kenya Gakuyu AA, Daterra Monte Cristo, Mexico Chiapas SHG, Costa Rica Las Palomas Honey Prep, Mocha, Papua New Guinea Sigri, Guatemala Todosantarita, Daterra Bourbon, Indian Monsooned Malabar, Sumatra Lintong, Guatemala Genuine Antigua, Winter Delight, Tierra Madre Womens Coffee, Brazil Sitio Grota Funda, Ethiopia Sweet Berry.


Coffee Advent Calendar

Our standard coffee advent calendar contains a different line up to the coffee pro. Included are some coffees with a slightly darker roast profile, more delicious unique blends, all best sellers and fan favourites. Including coffees from the amazing Daterra collection with notes of caramel, chocolate and christmas fruits.


The line up! Look away for no spoilers...

Indian Tiger Stripe, Daterra Bourbon, Indian Monsooned Malabar, Colombian MedEx, Colombian Hippo, Santa Spice, Ethiopian Mocha Djimmah, Papua New Guinea Sigri, Super Crema, Indian Mysore Plantation 'A', Kenya Blue, Mocha Mysore, Daterra Monte Cristo, Pura Vida, Winter Delight, Daterra Sweet Yellow, Bakewell Pud, Zilian Santos, Ethiopian Mocha Djimmah, Daterra Bourbon, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Super Gaspa, Costa Rica Las Palomas Honey Preparation, Guatemala Genuine Antigua.


How is coffee advent 2022 made?

We design, source, pack, assemble, ship all coffee advent calendars. We start the process early on in the year sourcing our packaging, constantly looking for more sustainable materials to create the perfect advent. Mid year we start sampling and taste testing coffees and reserve the green beans.


The coffee market has been very turbulent recently with large price increases largely due to shipping costs. We are experiencing crazy times with our costs surging to an average increase of 25%.

You might notice on our website our 250g bags of coffee have increased in price but we are maintaining the same advent calendar prices as 2021.

Yawn Brew Coffee Advent Calendars

How We Responsibly Source Coffee

Our coffees are not certified Fair Trade, however we believe it is very important to ethically source high quality products, scrutinise and check any suppliers whether that's direct farms, co-ops or importers.

We do a lot of research before choosing any products to make sure the product is of a high quality and the companies are holding high social responsibility standards. A lot of our coffees are imported for us by an industry specialist in high quality coffees.

They have been importing high quality coffee for nearly 50 years and were the first independent coffee importer in the sector to actively fight for a Fairtrade licence. We think they are a trustworthy company and they strive for a happy and sustainable coffee industry!

We know they take the correct steps to ensure social responsibility and ethics are upheld in the supply chain. For example three of our coffees are from Daterra Brazil, they have a great ethos and we are proud to be roasting Daterra beans!

You can find out more about Daterra Coffee here.