Light Roast Coffee

Light roast coffee is gaining momentum and edging darker roasts out of becoming a favourite for coffee lovers around the world.

Coffee beans that are lightly roasted are prepared this way in order to preserve the characteristics, flavours and notes from the coffee beans.

Known for its acidic tone, and more vibrant flavours, light roast coffee beans have little oils coating their exteriors. Because of this, light roast is massively favoured in the culture of specialty coffee, due to the characteristics of the growing conditions of the coffee bean’s origin country being preserved.

Each of our light roast coffees have been carefully selected by our resident brew experts who are crazy about finding the perfect cup of coffee. If you’re searching for a new coffee flavour you might enjoy Etheopian Mocha Djimmah with its rich winey flavours and dark chocolate notes.

Freshly light roast coffee beans and ground coffee

We appreciate the best tasting brews and are on a mission to share them with our customers. Because of this, all of our coffee is prepared, roasted, and ground weekly to ensure that you can enjoy.

All of our coffee is available as full beans for you to grind to your preference at home, or in pouches of ground coffee.

Browse our selection of light roast coffee and discover your new favourite brew.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee
  • From £7.00
Mocha Djimmah Coffee
  • From £6.50


Bakewell Pudding Coffee Of The Month
  • £6.75
  • From £5.00


Lucky Dip Coffee
  • £6.50
  • From £6.00