We are not your standard tea company, you won’t catch us burning you at the stake for not brewing your English breakfast at 97.5 degrees for 240 seconds precisely. We also won’t look at you like you have three heads if you don’t know the difference between black and green tea! We want to make proper tea understandable, easy to buy and easy to brew.

All tea comes from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. The main difference in tea types is how the leaves are processed. Mind blowing I know. Below is a picture of our beloved tea plant in her full glory, seven leaves strong we pretty much have a tea estate.

Tea Types:

Black is the tea heavyweight in the UK. The standard black tea blend with a splash of milk is the main pillar holding up the UKs nation. There are many other different kinds of black tea and black tea blends so don’t limit yourself to the standard English breakfast blend. Production: Leaves are plucked, withered, rolled and fully oxidised, letting the leaves brown.

Oolong clearly has the best name and the tea does not disappoint either. Oolong is sort of in the middle of black and green tea. Production: Oolong is semi oxidized, black tea is fully oxidised and green tea is not oxidised at all which is why we say it’s sort of in the middle. Oolong is one of the best tea types in our opinion - not just because it featured on an episode of Brooklyn 99 ‘The Oolong Slayer’.

White tea is the least processed type of tea.  The finest young leaves and unopened buds are withered and then slightly warmed giving a very slow natural light oxidation giving a very delicate brew.

Green tea is panned or steamed shortly after picking, to stop the oxidation process, keeping the tea green in colour. Mainly drunk for health benefits, however don’t think other tea types are not healthy too!

Pu-erh goes through post manufacture oxidation and fermentation, giving a unique and earthy taste. It’s very interesting with many health benefits.

Matcha - the super tea! Matcha is traditionally a finely ground Japanese green tea. Matcha is kept in the shade for around three weeks prior to harvest boosting the nutritional content of the tea. One cup of Tea Revv matcha can be the equivalent of up to 10 cups of normal green tea and is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins.

Maté.  So it’s not actually a tea... It’s a South American plant giving a caffeine rich brew. That’s why we use it in the blends that keep you focused and attentive.

Rooibos again is not actually tea. It’s a South African plant giving a brew which is caffeine free with an almost nutty taste. This is one of our favorite teas to blend with.

Fruit & herb again is technically not tea, just fruits and herbal infusions; ours are all caffeine free unless otherwise stated.

If you want to try different tea types check out our pick n mix and selection boxes.