Mmmatcha - Matcha Tea Gifts

We have a range of different matcha teas to suit any taste. If you’re after the authentic matcha experience, our Samurai Matcha is an excellent choice. Or if you want a taste more close to home, our Earl grey and Rooibos edition matcha would also be a great addition to any tea cupboard.

Matcha tea is made from specially processed green tea leaves that have been turned into a fine powder. Matcha is traditionally drank in Asian countries and traditionally served at Japanese tea ceremonies, where special care is taken in tea preparation and serving. 

Matcha green tea is perfect for sitting back and relaxing. Its soothing aroma and unique warm taste is also great to enjoy round the table with friends. Simply add the matcha to hot water, or alternatively hot milk if you prefer a heartier drink, and serve.

M1 Samurai Matcha
  • £12.00

Sold out

M2 Rooibos Matcha
  • £8.00
M3 Yerba Mate Matcha
  • £8.00
M4 Earl Grey Black Tea Matcha
  • £8.00